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Alternative career path: orthopedics?

December 6, 2016

A bit of costuming I made for the first stage production of Livläkarens besök (The Visit of the Royal Physician), for the Stockholm City Theatre.  A pair of old-fashioned leg braces, albeit of course made to leave room for movement for the actor, while looking restrictive and supportive.  The props storage yielded one leg brace with a rather nice look, although in poor condition and incorrect size.  It served as inspiration for the new pair, and the leg joints could also be used after having been re-shaped, cut down and altered to better match the second pair, which were salvaged from a modern plastic leg brace.  The costume designer also wished for some joints looking like they were keeping the ankles locked, so the foot loops I made was aluminium and hardware on the sides, and elastic below the feet.

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