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Hope y’all had a good Halloween.

#armadilloartifacts from Instagram:


The doctor will see you now.

#armadilloartifacts from Instagram:

Another book cover picture. Should keep the book safe until the recipient has learned enough Swedish to read it.

#armadilloartifacts from Instagram:

A wooden cover for a book that remains very dear to me. Made as a gift.

If you know the book you may recognise the harpy on the cover as one of the original illustrations, drawn by Ilon Wikland.

#armadilloartifacts from Instagram:

Barbarianna headdress


Another thing from Kung Fury.  This is the headdress for Barbarianna, who both appears in the film itself and made her first appearance in the music video to the theme song to the movie, which is performed by David Hasslehoff.  I still find it unreasonably hilarious that I worked on a David Hasslehoff music video.  It is so 80′s that watching it might make you grow a spontaneous mullet.  (Worth it, though!)

I also assisted at the set when the stunt scenes to said music video were shot, and it was easily two of the most fun working days I’ve had.  There were so many shots fired and everything was exploding or on fire.


Materials are Worbla, plastic horns from one of those cheap-ass viking helmets you can get at any toy shop, fake fur, and stuff.

You don’t need that spine…

Today in “a thing wot i did a couple of years ago”.


For the short film Kung Fury, which remains one of my favourite things.

I mean.  This gooey spine was made for the sole purpose of enabling this pun:

I feel like I was doing noble work there.


As you may see, I made it a bit darker for shooting to play nice with the CG people, but from my personal pics I like the before-darkening ones best because of looking nastier.

trying to do something creative when travelling be like,
“these sticks are not good enough. I’m sure I have better sticks at home!”
“mm… feathers perhaps… sea shells or sun-bleached coral or crab claws, or, well, let me just check my collection WHICH IS 1250 KILOMETERS AWAY”
“please tell me that shellac is a thing here and it’s not going to be like looking for claw hammers and only finding hammers with bottle openers at the back all over again?”
(oh yeah, I made an Instagram. Perhaps I should use it like, ever.)
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